GiPSi Navigation was originally formed to change the way pilots interact with their avionics to change the “human” interface. The objective is to give the pilot more time to concentrate on the things that are “outside” the cockpit thus, allowing the pilot to better maintain a higher level of situational awareness. The result was the GiPSi product.


We are focused on making an inexpensive Navigation options available to all pilots.

The first vehicle we have chosen to accomplish this goal is Android Phone and Tablet computers. By using inexpensive platforms that are readily available we are able to offer a user friendly navigation system for a very modest amount of money.

We offer a free, no advertisment, application to replace the basic "sixpack" panel. This "starter" product demonstrates the power of the Android based computer products. See the VFR product on the Android Market page

We also offer an very inexpensive ($7.99) App, VFR+ which adds navigation capabilities to nearest runways anywhere in the world or to a user entered destination list. See the VFR+ App on the Android market page

On our APPLICATION PRODUCTS page, there are views and descriptions of what the VFR+ App can do for the pilot and how it works.

We will continue to add functionality to both VFR apps that improves situational awareness and reduce cockpit workload.

History Detail

The GiPSi voice based GPS ( was developed by Benedict Computer Company. Benedict Computer has a 25+ year history of successfully designing and marketing sophisticated electronics devices to commercial customers and government agencies. These devices have always been considered “mission critical”. The GiPSi portable GPS device for pilots was designed for General Aviation pilots by a pilot, who wanted to dramatically improve the human interface between the pilot and the instruments. The design criteria were based upon effective cost, reliability and state of the art electronics and their software.
Our History and Future Mission
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