Nearest Tutorial Video
(1 Minute, 20 Second)

Navigate to the NEAREST Airport
GiPSi Navigation APPs-Tutorials
Start the app:
Push the VFR Nav Icon
Find Nearest Airport:
Push the Find NRST button
on Top Right of Screen
Enter an ICAO identifier into the Text Box. For example "KJFK."
Optionally type a word from an airport description, for example kennedy (see result of searching for kennedy below
Nearest Screen
Navigation Screens
Navigate Screen to KSFO
Satellite View Navigating to KSFO
Map View Navigating to KSFO
Home Screen key
(CompleteDescription above)
Push any row to navigate to that airport

The Navigate screen will show with directions to RKSS
Select Airport:

Push the runway / airport you want to fly to

For example: KPAO
Palo Alto, CA

The Navigate Screen advises you need to bear LEFT 24 degrees to get to a heading of 100 from your curent ground track of 124.

In addition your ground speed is 54 KTS, Altitude is 21 feet. and your remaining ETE is 7 Min and 49 Seconds.
(Example done from a car)

You may push MAP to view the moving map. You can update your destination or create a new one from within the Moving Map with a long press.

Navigate Digital View
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Phone Home Screen
Find and Store an Airport or Destination
Push the Flight Plan button
Other FPL Screens
Navigate Map View
Navigate Map View Tablet Landscape
Enter The Destination
Show the Destination
Press Send
Start at Home Screen
(CompleteDescription above)
Custom L/L Screen
Long Press AirportScreen
"KENNEDY" keyword lookup