VFR free APP ($0)

A Free Digital GPS Substitute W/ALT, GSpeed, GTrack. Plus Mag Dev, Mag Compass.

It has a NAVIGATE screen that will guide you to any airport you have selected from our world database in the DESTINATION screen.

This APP is a free(no ads), simple VFR Airplane Digital Navigation Aid for pilots and their passengers.

VFR (Free Try it Download above)

A Pilots digital Time Saving NAV System to Nearest or Preselected airport or L/L

The VFR+ is a very simple to set up and use Digital Navigation System for private pilots. It includes a NAVIGATE page that will guide you to any world airport.

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Panel Screen
Navigate Screen
List Nearest
List Flight Plan
Choice Screen presented after Wild Card Airport Search For "london"
VFR Paid Screen Description

The left screen shows the results of pushing the NRST button in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pushing any of the nearest runways will take you to the Navigate Screen above.

The right screen shows the Destination Editor. You can enter a ICAO name, a single wild airport name, or multiple words in the Decription of the airport. As with NRST pressing any one of the runways takes you to the Navigate Screen.
Screen Description

On the right is the resultant pop up screen of choices of aiports based on the entry in the Destination Screen of the word "london."
Options and Unit type preferences
Navigate Screen
VFR Paid Satellite View

The screen on the right is a landscape layout on a 7" Tablet showing a Google Map view of our destination airport with the direct bearing from our current location. We do not see a ETE or Speed because we were not departed yet.
VFR Paid Map and Satellite Views
The Left screen shows a MAP view with bearing line to KSFO and a Moving arrow showing location and direction. To fly direct you would turn right and place the arrow on the line.

The right screen shows destination view navigation when navigating to KSFO from a differenct departure location.
Panel Screen
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