GV in San Jose 11/2013

I really love this app on my Android phone! It's like cheating, it makes cross countries so easy. Thanks!

TK in Ontario, Canada 8/2013

great program, loaded it one day and used it for 5 hours next day going to 7 locations, work terrific, have recommended to our club,
finally some thing easy to use with out having a degree in computers.
thanks a million

RS in San Jose, California, USA 4/2013

Your APP is easily the most direct and to the point (task specific) GPS for pilots. I've downloaded and tried just about every App in the App Store and my opinion is there a lot of close-but-no-cigar and a couple that are very comprehensive. But they're more complicated to use in flight when you should be paying attention to other things.

On flight from Pine Mtn Lake to RHV, App reads identical to my G1000.

Bush Pilot in BC Canada

I am an experience commercial Pilot and have used GPS navigation devices extensively throughout North America all the way north to the Magnetic North Pole and am well versed in their use. I must say that the system you have created is elegantly simple and effective for basic VFR navigation and therefore very useful for all pilots. One of the most important requirements of flying is to maintain situational awareness and this system does this by providing the basic information needed to accomplish this task.

AP in Ontario, Canada

I used the free version for about 2 weeks before I found out about the paid version. Of the many free apps I tried this one was the only one that I actually used regularly. It is very handy, and is very much worth the cost of it. I actually had a few bugs that I experienced, and some small ideas to improve the app, and the developer was eager to fix the issues and even implement some of the things I suggested. (even emailing me the software package update before it was pushed to the play store to fix my issue) Definitely recommend to any pilot or aspiring pilot. Really good experience.

Tony R in San Jose, California

If you're a pilot who enjoys thes basic "grass roots" of GA flying, yet, also wants to take advatage of all that technology has to offer, this is the VFR APP for you. Having used several other apps during actual VFR, I find THIS app THE most "PRACTICAL INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED AND,WHAT I MOSTLY LIKE ABOUT IT, IT IS VERY [USER FRIENDLY]..."

MJ in Germany

Ein Google-Nutzer - 25. Oktober 2012 - Version 1.24A
Schlicht aber vollständig
Im Einsatz auf SGS2 und S-TAB2 7Zoll. Alle Daten die zur Navigation erforderlich sind, in durchdachter Anordnung und Fontgröße. Zuvorkommender und schneller Support. Was will man mehr ?

JS in Brazil

I bought your app for pilots. I am very impressed with this software because you developed, exactly, what I and so many others pilot need. You did a spectacular job! Congratulations!!!

I have found that Navigate Page Correction field is very useful. Pilots don´t need to think, only execute a Right or Left turn to maintain your route sharp. Cool!!!!!

CW in Christchurch New Zealand

I use the system all the time during my flight to the club airfield 90 miles away. My GPS quit 10 miles into the flight after take off and I quickly turned on my cell phone and loaded up my destination on VFR. No problems!

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